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   Compulife Now Quotes Critical Illness Policies   

For some time we have been asked "When will Compulife quote Critical Illness Insurance policies?"

The answer is, "NOW!"

And the great news is that CI is a FREE addition to the Compulife life insurance comparison software which is available to individual agents for ONLY $149 per year.

Once you have Compulife installed on your computer, you will find a new choice on the Red Master Menu called: Critical Illness. It's right next to the red cross, which is the universal ambulance symbol. When you click on the Critical Illness button, a new yellow menu appears. In the client entry screen you can select the type of CI product that you want to compare:

  • CI Only
  • CI with ROP on death
  • CI with ROP
  • CI with ROP & ROP on death

Once you have completed your client entry, click on "Display Product Comparisons" to view the comparison results.

Here is the really neat part. When you want more information about a particular policy, double left click on the product in the comparison. That will Display a Single Product window, with that product in it. In that window is a new button called "Sample". When you click the "Sample" button, the program will display the PDF copy of the specimen policy. You are now looking at the policy that your client will purchase from that company - complete with all the coverages, conditions and limitations in the policy.

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